Well, That Was Completely Mental

“It was the biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan.” – Donald Trump, 2/16/17

Yeah, that’s true, Donny. Except for Bush in 1988, Clinton in 1992, Clinton in 1996, Obama in 2008, and Obama in 2012. But if you ignore those 5 elections, then yes, you had the biggest electoral college victory since Reagan.

What the actual fuck is going on with this guy?

That press conference was a slow motion train wreck. It started off with a complete and easily refutable lie (as noted above), and it went downhill from there, to the point that Trump said “There is no one less anti-Semitic than me” right after telling a Jewish reporter to shut up and sit down for having the gall to ask a question about the rise in anti-Semitic violence since the election. Seriously, dude – how hard is it to say “I condemn anti-Semitism”? Even if you don’t believe it, Donny, it’s just the right thing to say.

That hour and fifteen minutes perfectly encapsulated everything that is wrong with the Trump presidency. He was self-aggrandizing, deceitful, vengeful, demeaning, and completely disassociated from reality. And honestly, people who claim this was a smokescreen to distract everyone from the Russia allegations are giving him too much credit. Trump’s not that smart, and today, he revealed himself for who he truly is: a con artist who talked his way into a job for which he is patently unqualified, and now he is struggling to find solid ground.

This is not Left vs Right, Liberal vs Conservative. This has, long ago, moved beyond the realm of politics. This man is temperamentally unsuited to be president.

I’ve stated before that I’ve voted on both sides of the aisle, and I don’t need to swim in someone’s entire ideological pool to find points of common ground. If you’re a die-hard conservative, you’re probably pro-life. I’m pro-choice, and we will never agree. But I also believe in the 2nd amendment and less burdensome regulations for small business. There you go – common ground has been found.

If you’re a die-hard Bernie fan, you probably support free public college for all. I personally don’t, because I think, in the long run, it will create an even bigger education gap between public and private universities. On the other hand, I support gay marriage, a woman’s right to control her body, a humane immigration policy, legalized marijuana, gun laws that don’t allow a mentally-ill person on a no-fly list to buy an assault rifle, and the EPA and science in general. Again, one issue does not divide us.

What’s the point of this rambling list of political hot-buttons, you ask? Even if I disagree with the president on one or two issues, there are any number of areas where I can agree. I don’t need to support every single thing the man says; I just need to respect his thought process and believe that he has the nation’s best interest at heart. If there are policies I don’t agree with, that’s fine. I think most political issues are less black and white and more shades of gray, and very often I can see someone else’s point of view; I’m fine losing the argument as long as I know the President’s opinion is carefully considered.

But, looking beyond policy, image counts as well. Let’s pretend there’s a global conference of heads of state. When our guy shows up, he’s representing the United States. He is the face of who we are as a people, and his behavior reflects on us. As such, I want him to be the smartest guy in the room. I want him to be the most educated, eloquent, worldly, dignified person in the room. And if shit goes sideways, and everyone else is running around like a headless chicken, I want my President to be cool, level-headed, and ready to lead the way out. “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you.” (If- by Rudyard Kipling. You want to know how a leader should act? Google it and read it; the best two minutes you’ll spend today.) If you want to be the leader of the free world, than you need to set an example and you need to have some semblance of interest in how the rest of the world thinks. We spend so much time trying to bring the Left and the Right together, when our country accounts for less than 5% of the world’s population, and Trump is actively isolating us from the other 7 billion people on the planet.

The point is that demeanor matters. Decorum matters. Intellectual and cultural curiosity matter. When the President speaks on the world stage, he speaks for us, and he should exemplify the very best of what this country has to offer. When other leaders look at him, I want them think, “Man, I’d love to be that guy for a day.”

But the problem is, right now, the man speaking for us is a spiteful, self-centered, barely literate ass-clown who is openly mocked by the majority of the people on planet Earth. He is willfully ignorant of current politics and he chooses to ignore any facts that do not fit with the predetermined narrative that exists inside his head. It’s not just embarrassing, either; it’s dangerous. Not only for the “west coast elites” that his supporters love to hate so much, but for everyone. Uninformed people with REALLY strong opinions are how catastrophes happen.

Seriously, even if you’re a Trump supporter, aren’t you starting to wonder what’s in his head? It’s been 3 months since the election and he’s still talking about Hillary and the electoral college. At some point, don’t you want him to stop bringing up his personal accomplishments and his great businesses and the New York Times and Ivanka and “fake news” and start focusing on you? Did you even know that he filed for reelection the day of his inauguration and that he’s been soliciting donations ever since? And that the event in Florida this weekend is being sponsored by his campaign? Think about that – he’s having a campaign rally 3 weeks into his first term as president. Is it starting to dawn on you that this guy might not be altogether there? That maybe he cared more about getting the job than actually doing it?

What we saw today was the unhinged ranting of a tyrant, and he needs to go. He never wanted this job, he’s not prepared for it, and he’s unraveling right in front of our eyes. Whether it’s physically or mentally, he’s going to break. And I don’t know if he leaves on a stretcher, or if Maddog Mattis puts him in a choke hold and drags him out onto the White House lawn, but the sooner he’s gone, the better.

And oh yeah: Sean Spicer? Best of luck at the press briefing tomorrow. You’re gonna need it, pal.


Fuck it, guys. I have no idea what he’s talking about either, okay! Can we just end this so I can go update my resume? PLEASE?!


  1. Loved this by the way! I can’t believe we get comedy (The Bachelor) and tragedy (The Donald) all from one website! That’s why you’re first on my Bookmarks Bar.


    • Wow, pole position on the bookmarks bar, that’s quite the compliment, thanks! I like the comedy/tragedy thing, I might have to change my gravatar to a picture of the laughing/crying masks…


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