1. Nick is like the gift that keeps on giving for The Bachelor. First he is that crazy and unstable guy who slut shames the Bachelorette. Then he is a stalker who highjacks another Bachelorette’s season and getting her slut shamed by the rest of the nation. Now after three spectacular failures (you just know things are not going to end well with him and Jen) they are setting up the guy for another big fall with 25 super crazy women. Just awesome! I know you are not fond of him, but think of the possibilities of how they will humiliate that guy further and he just keeps signing up for it.

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  2. I agree 100% with everything you said, and I’m ecstatic that Nick is the Bachelor – the potential snark material is off the charts. But there’s so many variables with this choice, i need time to process it. It’s the 3 past failures, it’s the subliminal creepiness of his personality, and it’s The Producers picking this potential disaster over an ‘American Sweetheart’ like Luke or Chase. They’ve embraced the train wreck, and we’re in a completely different world than Ryan and Trista. To quote Michael Douglas in ‘Romancing the Stone’, “You’re hell and gone from Cartagena, lady…” It’s like they’ve given up on the romance part and just said “fuck it, how much can we fuck with one person?” Again, I love the pick, but it changes the show entirely, And I’m calling it right now – if a girl actually accepts the final rose, she and Nick will be broken up within 3 months of the finale.

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