It Should Have Been So Easy…

If you wonder why I’m so adamant in my hatred of the Trump presidency, this weekend pretty much summed up all the reasons why. What happened in Charlottesville was abhorrent. White nationalists marching onto a college campus, waving tiki torches and spewing their bile. And don’t give me that 1st Amendment crap. These assholes were hell and gone from what our forefathers intended with the 1st Amendment. They weren’t speaking against tyranny and this wasn’t an open exchange of ideas. This had as much to do with the 1st Amendment as me screaming obscenities at an old lady in the grocery store. They showed up en masse in order to intimidate people and stir up shit. Period.

But, as offensive as the Unite the Right rally was, and as shocking as the ensuing violence was, it was Trump’s response that took my (and a lot of other people’s) frustrations to a whole other level. For me, however, there was more to it than the just the racism component. To be clear, I don’t want to minimize it; racism is a problem in this country, and having a president that implicitly condones it by lack of condemnation certainly won’t make America great again. As offensive as I think he is, however, my overarching problem with Trump is independent of what happened in Charlottesville this weekend.

Take a minute to look past the issue itself and view this from a crisis management standpoint. Condemning Nazis should have been the biggest layup of Trump’s young presidency. The only people that don’t hate Nazis are Nazis, and even they know Trump can’t support them publicly. All he had to do was come out immediately and say “White supremacy has no place in America”. That’s it, done. It’s the easiest thing in the world to say, he loses nothing, and no one can criticize him for it. There are literally zero ways to fuck this situation up. And yet, fuck it up is exactly what he managed to do.

After seeing this press conference today, is there anyone out there that thinks Trump is ready to navigate a 9/11 or a Lehman level crisis right now? I mean really, truly, in-your-heart, do you trust this guy to see the country through something that colossal? Donald Trump is a human blowtorch; even when the simplest of things go sideways, he lights everything in sight on fire. He’s mentally and physically incapable of making a bad situation better. And you know what’s even worse than his inability to solve a problem? He has no interest in solving it. You can see it in the way he completely tuned out of the health care repeal. If it’s not easy, he wants no part of it, and if it turns to shit, he bails. For his entire life, his MO has been self-preservation, cutting his losses, and running for the hills. He ran his businesses that way, he ran his marriages that way, and he’s going to run the country that way.

I really hope I’m wrong, but there might come a time when we have a huge crisis in this country – a large scale terror attack, a financial collapse, North Korea attacking Guam, alien arrival, whatever – an earth-shattering, presidency-defining crisis. And because this man doesn’t have the first glimmer of a clue what he’s doing, because he can’t view the world beyond his own reflection in the mirror, we’re all gonna get bent. And not just the MAGAs. Not just the Libtards. Not just the Bernie Bros, or the coal miners, or the 1%, or the lamestream media, or ANTIFA, or Bill O’Reilly, or Tesla drivers, or the Tea Party, or Gary Busey, or gluten-free-soy-latte sipping vegans, or the Evangelicals, or the immigrants, or Notre Dame, or those annoying bicyclists that ride in packs of 30 and block the whole road, or the wannabe militia nutjobs, or the cops, or BLM, or Fox News, or MSNBC, or your neighbor’s dog that barks all night, or whoever else it is you think you hate. ALL of us. He’s going to fuck ALL of us. Because, this weekend, he proved beyond all doubt that he has neither the patience, the temperament, nor the intellectual curiosity to do anything else.

Actually, the 1% and Gary Busey will probably be just fine. But the rest of us are toast.

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